Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is Saturday at Expo Idaho. There is going to be hundreds of garages sales in one location. Here are some pointers to help you be successful in your yard saling adventures.

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    Do shop with a pocket full of cash

    Include lots of one dollar bills. Most yard sale sellers don't take checks, and you don't want to pull out a twenty if you've just told the seller you can only spend ten.

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    Do pack your yard sale tool kit

    Include your room measurements, paint and fabric swatches, and a measuring tape. If you're shopping for clothes, take a list of sizes of the members of your immediate family. You should also take a large mesh bag or a cart on wheels if you tend to buy lots of small items. You'll really appreciate the wheeled cart if you're walking Idaho's Largest Garage Sale.

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    Do say hello to the seller when you arrive

    It only takes a second or two, and the seller may recall your courtesy when it's time to haggle.

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    Do feel free to make an offer or ask for a lower price

    Haggling is part of the yard sale experience. Don't offend the seller by asking for a 90 percent discount, but it's fine to offer a little more than half of the tag price. If the seller makes a counteroffer, you'll likely end up somewhere in the middle.

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    Do carry some packing materials

    newspaper or tissue paper, grocery sacks, bubble wrap, etc. -- in your vehicle. Most sellers won't think to provide them, and you want to get your new goods home intact.

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    Don't expect to get huge discounts in the first hour or two of the sale

    Most sellers will wait to see if the pieces sell for the full prices before giving discounts. End of the day is a great time to get a great deal!

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    Don't take your hands off of an item you're planning to buy

    It won't matter that you saw it first if someone else snags it and pays.

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